For my Ukrainian student, learning to code

For my Ukrainian student, learning to code

The intent of this article is to share how people around the world in conflict zones are using education as a source of light. For a reason unknown to me, I am extremely lucky to have one of these students learning from my platform, Learnly. For all my life, I have felt privileged to grow up in a loving family, and in a bubble that is free from such worries. I have felt privileged to just put in work and reap the rewards, whereas many in the world don't have an option to even dream about such things. I'm going to share, what it may be like for my student, Olha, to learn to code while there is a war going on in Ukraine.

The messages I receive

I frequently follow up with my students, to make sure I can do anything to unblock them. Olha, from day one, was going through lesson after lesson, exercise after exercise. When I saw a sudden drop in activity, I followed up. I was surprised to find out just how much she was affected by the ongoing war. The message I received:

hi, Zaid. Thanks for worries. But it's really not a good time for me and whole Ukraine. For this moment I haven't electricity, internet and mobile connection for 20/7...Because of Russian terrorism. I don't know how long this situation would be. I'll write you later when I'm figure out what can i do . Thank you

I was shocked. I live in a world, where I wake up thinking about my next caffeine shot. I'm not ignorant about all the wars and poverty in the world. I volunteer specifically in an organization called Hoopo, which is combatting poverty; we are aiming to create self-sustainable solutions that create jobs vs simple handouts. I was still shocked, I never knew somebody personally in such a position. It made me count all my blessings again, and make du'a (prayer) for her. No one deserves to be in this position, I admire her for still pushing for education despite everything around her.

What does AI think about all of this

I wanted to see how artificial intelligence (AI) sees this person and her situation, so I used the following prompt with ChatGPT and receive the response below. PLEASE NOTE: I have not altered the response, and the AI is not aware of Olha's (my student) actual situation.

Write an article about a student learning to code while a war is going on in her country, this article should include a poem about this student.

As bombs fall and sirens wail, a young student sits at her desk, determined to learn the ways of code. In a country torn apart by war, education may seem like a luxury, but for this student, it is a lifeline.

With the internet still functioning despite the chaos outside, she immerses herself in tutorials and online courses, teaching herself the basics of programming. Despite the constant threat of danger, she perseveres, using her newfound skills to create a brighter future for herself and her loved ones.

As she hunkers down in her makeshift shelter, the student writes a poem about her experiences, expressing the fear and uncertainty of war, but also the hope and determination that keep her going.

In the midst of destruction, As the world falls apart, I sit at my desk, Learning the art of code.

With bombs and gunfire outside, I focus on the screen, Determined to master This new world of code and machine.

I may be just one person, But I will not be defeated, I will learn and grow, And use my skills to create.

Though the future is uncertain, And the world is full of fear, I know that with my code, I can make a better future here.

So I will keep on learning, Despite the war outside, I will use my code To create a brighter future, and with it, I will thrive.


It's interesting to see that AI called education a luxury, which is the case in most conflict zones. Education is something we don't appreciate easily, but there are people fighting for it. I really like the determination of the persona the AI has created. This response shows there are many brave people out there who see a light and do everything to follow that light. The response also captured how this person is focused on making a better future in that location (hinting at patriotism), and how the power of coding can help them create and innovate!

I wish Olha the best and hope she conquers her goals.

What can we do?

Any action we take to help people around the world can echo for a long time. Olha's story can inspire us to help people around the world in situations where they don't have an easy path to education and careers. I'm not going to leave any donate links, I think people should do their research in finding the best options that align with them.